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Happy pool Contact Info

swimming pool is located in

Sanzona, 207 public school building. Chargli st. No. 34.

St. Behind Nicholas Church.

The pool is open every day except Sundays and most holidays.

Monday - Sat.: 9:00 - 22:00

ცურვა 3 წლიდან
აუზი ბავშვებისთვის

working hours

ქოლგა - აქვა რუმსი
ცურვის აბონიმენტები

For any issue, contact us at the number599 018 100 or fill in your details and our representative will contact you in the near future.


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contact information:
Chargli st. N34
Tel:599 018 100
ცურვის შესწავლა
საცურაო აუზი
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