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Privacy Policy

Hefi Fuli LLC pays special attention to ensuring the security and confidentiality of information intended for our customers in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.

Please read the Privacy Policy before using the Website. By using this website, you agree to the terms set out in the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms defined in the "Privacy Policy", do not use this website.

Information that the "Company" receives through the "Web Page".

The company receives two types of information through the website.

  1. "General information", according to whichIt is impossible to identify the person.

  2. Information during registration when a person can be identified


In "General Information" When you access and use the website, we receive anonymous information from three sources:Facebook Pixel; Google Analytics; Yandex Metrics.

  1. Simply put, a pixel is a small piece of code Facebook embeds on a web page. With the Pixel, we determine the frequency of website use, the number of visits and their interests. "Pixel Tag" allows us to determine the number of visitors to specific pages on the web page, devices, browsers and to provide users with different types of services. Also help define advertising and promotional campaigns.HTMLWhen the format is used in email messages, the “Pixel Tag” can tell the sender if and when the email was opened.

  2. Google AnalyticsWe use to determine general activities on the website, such as the duration of the session (stay on the site), the number of pages viewed per session, the speed of the transition, etc., to get information about the users of the site, as well as the source of the traffic.

  3. Yandex Metrics We also use to collect general information such as the number of web page views, traffic over a period of time, the types of devices connecting to our website, the general locations and browsers of visitors.


When you register, you share your first name, last name, e-mail, phone number.

 The information collected by us on the site is not subject to sharing or transfer to third parties except when legal entities or regulatory authorities require access to this information in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Our basic approach is expressed in the protection of all information belonging to Hefi Money LLC and our customers.

When you share your personal information (address, phone, fax, e-mail, etc.) with our company, this information will only be used to provide the services you request, which may be to send you email updates or notifications if you become our subscriber. Your data will not be shared with third parties without your consent. You have the right to cancel your confirmation of subscription when you no longer wish to receive electronic communications from the Company.

Our company reserves the right to change this privacy policy in order to comply with the most updated version of the data protection law - without prior notice to customers and visitors. This policy was developed on 12.07.2021.

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